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Please use Fontup.ir.

Persian CSS Fonts

Standard Persian Web Fonts



Copy whole this project file into your web root

Include fonts.css or fonts.min.css between <head> and </head> tag.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/fonts.css" />
<!-- or use fonts.min.css -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/fonts.min.css" />

and in your css file

body{ font-family: "FONT-NAME"; }

replace FONT-NAME with available fonts like BBadr,IranianSans or etc.

Available Fonts (41 Fonts)

BBadr				BMorvarid
BBaran				BNarm
BBardiya			BNasimBold
BCompset			BNazanin
BDavat				BRoya
BElham				BSetarehBold
BEsfehanBold			BShiraz
BFarnaz				BSinaBold
BFerdosi			BTabassom
BHamid				BTehran
BHelal				BTitrBold
BHoma				BTitrTGEBold
BJadidBold			BTraffic
BJalal				BVahidBold
BKoodakBold			BYagut
BKourosh			BYas
BLotus				BYekan
BMahsa				BZar
BMehrBold			BZiba
BMitra				BFantezy


Browser Compatibility

Firefox  >= 3.6
Opera    >= 11
Chromium >= 13

No guarantee for internet explorer , but might work on IE6 and higher

Special thanks to : wedesign.ir