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@@ -59,8 +59,9 @@ follow work through the issue/pull request process.
2. **Create a new branch entitled `tkt-<issue-number>`.** Look at the URL of
your new issue; take its number (e.g. 99) and create a branch called
`tkt-0099` (with leading zeroes). Do all of your work in this branch.
-3. **Ensure that all unit tests are passing**, and new tests are added
+3. **Ensure that all unit tests are passing**, and tests are added or updated
appropriately for any new functions and *parameterised* mixins.
+ [See below](#unit-tests)
4. **Start all commit messages with `[refs #<issue-number>]`.** If you’re
working on issue 99, all of your commits should begin with `[refs #0099]`.
This allows us to link every commit back to both an issue and a branch.
@@ -96,3 +97,13 @@ a particular branch and its related issue, e.g.:
$ ghi 14
+## Unit Tests
+To run the unit tests, ensure you have previously run `npm install`.
+Then you will be able to run `npm test`.
+We use the awesome [oddbird/true]( package to
+write the tests.
+You can find the documentation over on their [homepage](

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