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inuitcss has very specific formatting and whitespace rules. To make it easier for developers to follow these rules, there is a simple template file available. To ensure your Sass is inuitcss- and ITCSS-compatible, it is recommended that you use this template as the basis for all of your additions to an inuitcss project.


Create a new inuitcss-compatible file by running the following command inside of your CSS directory:

$ wget git.io/inuitcssnew -O _<layer>.<file>.scss

For example:

$ wget git.io/inuitcssnew -O _components.buttons.scss


If you do not have wget installed, you can try curl:

$ curl -L git.io/inuitcssnew -o _<layer>.<file>.scss

For example:

$ curl -L git.io/inuitcssnew -o _components.buttons.scss

Save Page As…

If you do not want to use the command line, head here and save the file into your project in the correct _<layer>.<name>.scss format.