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Feature: Whitespace in before cite keys
As a hacker who works with bibliographies
I want to parse BibTeX entries with whitespace before the cite key
Because they frequently occur in the wild
Scenario: An entry with spaces before the cite key
When I parse the following file:
@InCollection{ brown:family:1997,
address = {Princeton},
title = {Family Strategies and Religious Practice: Baptism and the
Lord's Supper in Early New England},
booktitle = {Lived Religion in America: Toward a History of Practice},
shorttitle = {Family Strategies},
publisher = {Princeton University Press},
author = {Brown, Anne S. and Hall, David D.},
editor = {Hall, David D.},
year = {1997},
pages = {41--68},
crossref = {hall:lived:1997}
Then my bibliography should contain an incollection with id "brown:family:1997"