Projects Using BibTeX Ruby

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A list of projects using BibTeX-Ruby. Add yours!

  • anystyle-parser – a smart citation/reference parser.
  • asciidoc-bib - add references from a bibtex file to an asciidoc file.
  • bibkeys - a gem to list the citation keys in a BibTeX file
  • jekyll-scholar – jekyll-extensions for the blogging scholar
  • Librario - a library software for consulting engineers (civil engineers etc.) uses BibTeX-Ruby to allow the user to export single publications or the search results as a whole to BibTeX. Another feature used is BibTeX::NameParser, as it is an easy way to parse author names - not only in the BibTeX file
  • nesta-plugin-maldini - a Nesta plugin for generating citations and reference lists.
  • PCE Literature — an online bibliography
  • rcite – generates citations and bibliography entries from BibTeX files according to user-created styles, similar to BibTeX and BibLaTex.
  • RLetters – a web application designed to perform various digital humanities analysis/research tasks on a database of journal articles
  • researchr - workflow system for academics which uses bibtex and citeproc to create "glue scripts" between BibDesk, Skim, and DokuWiki in Chrome.
  • ScienceCard - a web service that collects all scientific articles published by an author and displays their aggregate article-level metrics.
  • TaxonWorks - A biological taxonomy workbench with web-based source management, among other things.