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+Install and setup a new [Jekyll]( directory (see the
+[Jekyll-Wiki]( for detailed
+instructions). To enable the Jekyll-Scholar add the following statement
+to a file in your plugin directory (e.g., to `_plugins/ext.rb`):
+ require 'jekyll/scholar'
+In your configuration you can now adjust the Jekyll-Scholar settings
+ citation_style: apa
+ citation_language: en
+You can use any style that ships with
+[CiteProc-Ruby]( by name (e.g.,
+apa, mla, chicago-fullnote-bibliography), or else you can add a link
+to any CSL style (e.g., you could link to any of the styles available at
+the official [CSL style repository](
+The `citation_language` settings defines what language to use when formatting
+your references (this typically applies to localized terms, e.g., 'Eds.' for
+editors in English).
+### Bibliographies
+Once you have loaded Jekyll-Scholar, all files with the extension `.bib` or
+`.bibtex` will be converted when you run Jekyll (don't forget to add a YAML
+header to the files); the file can contain regular HTML or Markdown and
+BibTeX entries; the latter will be formatted by Jekyll-Scholar according to
+the citation style and language defined in your configuration file.
+For example, if you had a file `bibliography.bib` in your root directory:
+ ---
+ ---
+ References
+ ==========
+ @book{ruby,
+ title = {The Ruby Programming Language},
+ author = {Flanagan, David and Matsumoto, Yukihiro},
+ year = {2008},
+ publisher = {O'Reilly Media}
+ }
+It would be converted to `bibliography.html` with the following content:
+ <h1 id='references'>References</h1>
+ <p>Flanagan, D., &#38; Matsumoto, Y. (2008). <i>The Ruby Programming Language</i>. O&#8217;Reilly Media.</p>
+This makes it very easy for you to add you bibliography to your Jekyll-powered
+blog or website.
+### Citations
+Jekyll-Scholar will support inline citations and automatic generation of
+a list of references for individual blog posts. Stay tuned.

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