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fix documentation for type_names and type_aliases (#176)

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@@ -126,13 +126,13 @@ journal articles before technical reports. Types not mentioned in
`type_order` are considered smaller than types that are
mentioned. Types can be merge in one group using the `type_aliases`
setting. By default `phdthesis` and `mastersthesis` are grouped as
-`thesis`. By using, for example, `type_aliases: { inproceeding =>
+`thesis`. By using, for example, `type_aliases: { inproceedings:
article}`, journal and conference articles appear in a single
group. The display names for entry types are specified with
`type_names`. Names for common types are provided, but they can be
extended or overridden. For example, the default name for `article` is
*Journal Articles*, but it can be changed to *Papers* using
-`type_name: { article => 'Papers' }`.
+`type_names: { article: Papers }`.
The `bibtex_filters` option configures which
[BibTeX-Ruby]( formatting filters

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