The GitHub Game Off 2012 is a game jam / hackathon / coding challenge to create an open source a web-based game
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Here at GitHub, we're no strangers to hosting or sponsoring hackathons. With the growing number of games and game development resources on GitHub, we thought it was about time to throw our very own game jam!

The Game history

Try it

How to play

As a github admin you must stop all pull requests from spaghetti coders!! :)

Technical informations

The game is mainly an attempt for me to learn and understnad Dart Programming Language

Actually there isn't official support in any browser to that language, but since there is a dart2js converter, it should work pretty well in any browser (maybe it could be slower than usual), but if you want you can download Dartium a special build of chrome with dart support.


  • The player can move up and down (the buttons are reversed)
  • Every time the player is hit by an object it lose one energy.
  • You must stop every enemy that try to approach to your side.
  • If an enemy reach the end of the screen you lose half energy.


  • To move your player you can use up and down keys.
  • Press spacebar to shoot.

Comments / Questions / Help

  • Actually no comment :D