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A configurable Discord bot for linking wiki articles from any Wikia-based community.


[[<article name>]] -><article_name>

{{<template name>}} -><template_name>

--<raw article>-- -><raw_article> (bypasses Wikia API)

Other commands

wl~help - Links to this README.

wl~sinfo - Shows info about the configuration of the bot on the server.

Server admin commands

wl~swiki - Sets the global wiki for the server.

wl~cwiki - Sets the override wiki in the current channel.

wl~bchan <value> - Sets the broadcast channel of the server to the mentioned channel. Accepted values are:

  • A #channel mention
  • No value given - sets current channel as broadcast channel
  • off - disables broadcast channels for the current server

Bot admin commands

wl~restart - Restarts the bot. The bot must be run under a process manager such as PM2, otherwise this will just error out the bot!

wl~bc - Broadcasts a message across all of the servers the bot is in - to the broadcast channel is set, or the general channel otherwise.

Inviting it

Click the following link:

The bot only has read message and send message permissions when added - additional permissions and limiting to channels must be done manually.

Running it yourself

  1. Download the repository.
  2. Make sure you have NodeJS and NPM with all of its dependencies installed.
  3. npm install
  4. Make a config.json file; an example is provided. Fill the fields with: . token contains the token of the bot account used. . admin_snowflake contains the ID of the admin user. REQUIRED FOR THE BOT TO START UP. . prefix the prefix to activate commands.
  5. node wikilinker.js to run it!


Configurable Discord bot for linking wiki articles from any Wikia-based community







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