IDA Processor module for RSSB
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IDA Pro processor module for RSSB

Proof of concept implementation of an IDA Processor module for Reverse Subtract and Skip if Borrow (RSSB) machines. Written for IDA Pro 7 and tested on IDA Pro 7.1.

This module was written to solve Suspicious Floppy Disk---the last challenge---of Flare-On 2018 reverse engineering competition. The aim of this IDA processor is to translate rssb instructions to an higher level interpretation. You can find a quick explanation of the implemented macro at this blog post.

Please, take it as it is and bear in mind this processor is strongly built on top of the RSSB macros created by the challenge author.


  •, IDA processor module. Move it to /<IDA installation path>/procs/
  •, an Rssb emulator written in Python
  • flareon2018-ch12.rssb, the Rssb payload extracted from last challenge of Flare-On 2018