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Angular2 component for editing large json documents.


Live Demo

Here is a live example of ng2-json-editor:

Quick start


npm install --save ng2-json-editor

yarn add ng2-json-editor

Style Requirements

Styles above must be available globally in your application, if you are using Angular CLI you can have a look at example-app's angular-cli.json to see how to include those styles in your application.


import { JsonEditorModule } from 'ng2-json-editor';

Then add it to your module's imports.


<json-editor [config]="config" [schema]="mySchema" [(record)]="myRecord""></json-editor>
  • config: JsonEditoConfig : configuration object. See configuration docs for options.
  • schema: JSONSchema : valid json-schema for the record. See json schema limitations
  • record: object : valid json to be edited.
  • recordChange: EventEmitter<object> : emitted when record change, $event is the edited record.
  • jsonPatches: Array<JsonPatch> : array of json patches to be displayed as conflicts. See json-patch RFC
  • jsonPatchesChange: EventEmitter<Array<JsonPatch>> : emitted when jsonPatches change, $event is the update array of json patches.
  • problemMap (={}) : problems for individual parts of the record (format should be problem-map.json
  • templates: { [templateName: string]: TemplateRef<any> } : Templates with name, to be used by configured fields for example autocomplete result item.


Please have a look at example app

Json Schema Limitations


ng2-json-editor has very limited support for anyOf, support where all anyOf items have same properties and they are objects with primitive properties. Before display, it picks the first anyOf item, merges all enum values and removes pattern and format rules.


Quick start

Make sure you have Node version >= 6.9 and NPM >= 3


# clone our repo or alternatively your fork
git clone

# change directory to our repo
cd ng2-json-editor

# install the repo
yarn install

# build for the first time and start example app to see changes
yarn start

# in another terminal session
# watch changes on src, so that all will be available on example app immediately
yarn gulp watch

Working with npm link

# in ng2-json-editor

# do initial build into dist
yarn build

# copy package.json to dist
yarn copy

# go to dist folder and link it
cd dist
npm link

# remove node_modules inside dist which might cause weird errors
rm -rf node_modules/

# in another terminal session
# watch changes on src, so that all will be available on the linked module
yarn gulp watch
# in another module

npm link ng2-json-editor

Debug e2e tests with vscode

  • yarn start
  • Put breakpoints
  • Go to debug view (shift+mod+d)
  • Run debugger with e2e configuration (f5)

Useful commands

# build the editor and start the server with example app
yarn start

# run unit tests
yarn test:unit

# run e2e tests (an instance should be running)
yarn test:e2e

# test and watch (for usually debugging tests)
yarn test:watch

# build
yarn build