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BatchUploader: allow insertion of text MARC #1023

jeromecaffaro opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Originally on 2012-04-25

Batchuploader interface allows to "--insert" "TextMarc" records, but the underlying will not support the creation of MARCXML without a record ID (tag 001), which is necessary to avoid when inserting records (and not updating/replacing).

  • The could be enhanced to support input MARC without recid (a fake prefixing recid would still be needed in the input to differentiate records)
  • could strip off the recid created by if it is run in "--insert" mode
  • The "--insert" option could be removed from web interface when "TextMARC" record is selected (and "TextMARC" removed when "--insert" is selected)
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Originally on 2013-05-16



in branch jmartinm/rebase-master-batchuploader-multiedit

address this problem. Could you review the code?


Originally on 2013-05-21

Reviewed code and tested successfully (as far as this ticket is concerned, i.e. not including other commits in the branch).

Note the following line in commit 16612d9:

+>>>>>>> e0af3b3... BatchUploader: dynamic size for input of email logs to

You can also maybe add the directive Closes #1023 in the commit log.

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