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Add h-index to citesummary #133

jrbl opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Originally on 2010-06-17

moved from

2010-04-08 22:18, original submission:

add a format similar to:

I.e. including h-index for the search set and self citation exclusion and rotating the cites_to/cites_from space by 45 degrees.

This format should be available from the author summary pages, but also for any given search.

2010-04-09 08:40, comment #1:

The self-cite analysis do exist to some extent, but necessitates
citation bibrank to run with -A option, which is disabled on INSPIRE.

2010-06-07 04:01, comment #2:

h-index code is submitted for review

@jrbl jrbl self-assigned this

Originally on 2010-06-17

If other citesummary additions or modifications are actionable, they should be separately ticketed. This is ready for integration.


Originally on 2010-06-17

Oops. Available on my Invenio branch 'citesummary2' where the head is 8ed6557.


Originally on 2010-06-17

Oh yeah, Travis reminded me that there were unfinished things on this ticket that didn't make it onto the original ticket history.

I should fix the paths and change the wording, specifically w/r/t the help pages, as per Tibor's suggestions.



Originally on 2010-06-26

This is updated to take into account Tibor's criticisms. The code is ready to use and in my Invenio branch 'citesummary2b', commit #b803e195c.

I won't move this to in_merge until I've corrected my inspire repository to match, though.


Originally on 2010-06-26

This is now ready in my inspire repository, too, on branch citesummary2b, commit # 77538bb.

When this is merged, I'll delete both the citesummary2b and citesummary2 sets of branches.


Originally on 2010-07-13

This has been reintegrated on top of today's master in both my inspire and my invenio repository. The old branches have been deleted; the new branches are both called 'trac-133'.


Originally on 2010-08-27

Also available as 133-Websearch_add_h-index_to_cite_summary_page


Originally on 2010-09-02

Thanks, I fixed some formatting and language issues, put metrics in
plural as we spoke about it IRL, and fixed help links to behave the
same, because one was opening new browser window, one was not. (Both
now behave in the same way,not opening the new window, since
people can mid-click if they want to; see also point 9 in


Originally by Joe Blaylock on 2010-09-02

In [c3801e6]:

#CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="c3801e68015615187efb683126e24ae5528c9c1e"
WebSearch: add h-index to citation summary page

- Calculate h-index as part of cite summary statistics
  (fixes #133)

- Display result, linking '?' label to help material
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