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SPIRES author search conversion and multiple search terms #181

traviscb opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Originally on 2010-06-28

Failure to parse date clause correctly in search pattern parenthesised.

inspire RT:85059

Tickled by the following search:

However any search of the form "find a goto, t and a brooks, t and t neutrino" (i.e. two authors and a third search) fails

Note also, more worryingly:

does not return correct results.

find a goto, t and a brooks, t

is the same as

find a goto, t

Which is clearly worrisome!

I believe most of this will be cleared up when 131 is integrated, but it should be checked...

Note for example that

find a goto, t and a brooks, t


Search stage 1: search_pattern_parenthesised() returned ['+', 'author:"goto, t"', '+', '+', 'author:"brooks, t"'].

And adding other clauses gives exceptions are generated like the following:

 p =  '(author:"goto, t*")  and (author:"yamaguchi, m*")  and year:1989->9999'
spires_syntax_converter =  <invenio.search_engine_query_parser.SpiresToInvenioSyntaxConverter instance at 0x2aaab3500d88>
                  ap =  1
      parsing_result =  ['+', 'author:"goto, t*"', '+', '+', 'author:"yamaguchi, m*"', '+', '+ year:1989->9999']
@jrbl jrbl was assigned by traviscb

Originally on 2010-06-28

Note this is essentially the same as Trac #67, though slightly different. I would merge the tickets in Trac, but I don't know how...


Originally on 2010-06-30

This is indeed fixed by #131. After that is merged, this can be confirmed as fixed.


Originally on 2010-07-13

Changing to 'in_merge'; this is fixed by #131.


Originally by Joe Blaylock on 2010-09-14

In [1fc28f3]:

#CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="1fc28f35b2ce969037e54905ec08bcc7697fe914"
WebSearch: SearchQueryParenthesisedParser rewrite

- New SQPP supports parenthetic subexpressions nested to arbitrary depth.

- Unit tests corrected to reflect both the new support for parentheses and
  because some of them should not have been correct with the old parser,
  (fixes #131)
  (fixes #67)
  (fixes #181)
  (fixes #189)
  (fixes #190)
  (fixes #191)

- Introduction of logicutils unit tests.
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