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Change the mini_file panel in "detailed record" #196

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Originally by mrschw on 2010-07-01

when I search for some record and then click "detailed record" I get the Detailed record page.
At the bottom of it there is a "mini file panel", whre I can choose the format of the record I want to download.
Now there are always two possibilities: .pdf format and .ps.gz format.
I'm asked to leave just one possibility: .pdf

How can I do that?


Originally on 2010-07-01


the mini file panel is using the output format HDFILE which by default uses the Default HTML files format template. Finally this format template simply call the BFE_FULLTEXT_mini BibFormat element.

This element, by default, displays all the files that are attached to a record (it does some more things but more or less that's the main one).

If you don't intend to use .PS.GZ files you can simply avoid to attach them in the first place to the record. They are by default created during submission time if your submission workflow uses Move_Files_to_Storage WebSubmit function and you have set the documenttype parameter to fulltext. Simply set such parameter to an empty string to avoid having .ps.gz files being created.

If you wish instead to have them being created, but just don't want to display them, then you have to create a BibFormat element similar to BFE_FULLTEXT_mini and customize it.


@kaplun kaplun closed this

Originally on 2010-07-01

P.s. I am closing this ticket as invalid, as this is related to a configuration issue and not about a feature request or a defect report or a task. For similar subjects and if you are looking for help, feel free to subscribe and contact our user mailing list See [] for how to subscribe


Originally by mrschw on 2010-07-21

Big Big Thanks, Sam
You saved my life

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