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WebSearch: display Discussion (N) on detailed record pages #475

tiborsimko opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Originally on 2011-02-02

When a record has some comments/reviews and the appropriate config
variables are set, the end users see the number of comments/reviews
for a record in the green link service area on search results pages,
for example:

2. Notes on statistics for physicists  / Orear, J  [UCRL-8417]
   Fulltext: Download PDF
   Detailed record - Similar records - 3 comments - 2 reviews

However, after clicking on "Detailed record" link, the "Discussion"
tab does not show the number of comments/reviews unless one clicks
on it.

It would be good if the tab displays "Discussion (5)" like the
"References (33)" and the "Citations (234)" tabs already do.


Originally on 2011-08-11

Thanks, I've rebased, solved some conflicts, removed some unused imports and variables, and rephrased log.


Originally by Raquel Jimenez Encinar on 2011-08-11

In [bec2620]:

#CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="bec26208e6b01b371d2199fb895f2fa924bb2ce0"
WebSearch: display Discussion(N) in tab header

- Calculates number of comments and reviews for the given record
  and shows it in the "Discussion (N)" tab on detailed record page.
  (closes #475)

- Shows number of comments and reviews after clicking on this tab
  taking into account the comments and reviews deleted.

- Refactors code, creates function called "get_detailed_page_tabs_counts"
  in file "".

- Deletes functions "count_commments(recID)" and "count_reviews(recID)"
  in file "" because they were not used in any module and
  they do the same funcionality that "get_nb_comments()" and
  "get_nb_reviews()" respectively.
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