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WebSearch: display Discussion (N) on detailed record pages #475

tiborsimko opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Tibor Simko invenio-developers
Tibor Simko

Originally on 2011-02-02

When a record has some comments/reviews and the appropriate config
variables are set, the end users see the number of comments/reviews
for a record in the green link service area on search results pages,
for example:

2. Notes on statistics for physicists  / Orear, J  [UCRL-8417]
   Fulltext: Download PDF
   Detailed record - Similar records - 3 comments - 2 reviews

However, after clicking on "Detailed record" link, the "Discussion"
tab does not show the number of comments/reviews unless one clicks
on it.

It would be good if the tab displays "Discussion (5)" like the
"References (33)" and the "Citations (234)" tabs already do.

Tibor Simko

Originally on 2011-08-11

Thanks, I've rebased, solved some conflicts, removed some unused imports and variables, and rephrased log.


Originally by Raquel Jimenez Encinar on 2011-08-11

In [bec2620]:

#CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="bec26208e6b01b371d2199fb895f2fa924bb2ce0"
WebSearch: display Discussion(N) in tab header

- Calculates number of comments and reviews for the given record
  and shows it in the "Discussion (N)" tab on detailed record page.
  (closes #475)

- Shows number of comments and reviews after clicking on this tab
  taking into account the comments and reviews deleted.

- Refactors code, creates function called "get_detailed_page_tabs_counts"
  in file "".

- Deletes functions "count_commments(recID)" and "count_reviews(recID)"
  in file "" because they were not used in any module and
  they do the same funcionality that "get_nb_comments()" and
  "get_nb_reviews()" respectively.
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