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BibEdit: Use bibupload quarantine status for document locking #492

jrbl opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Originally on 2011-02-15

If it makes sense, use bibupload quarantine status for internal document locking. If it doesn't make sense, then at least respect when documents are marked as quarantined and give the user a helpful error message (using #491) to tell them that the document is in an unsteady state because of another bibupload job (which could be someone else editing with bibedit, but could also be a long-running load).


Originally on 2011-06-22

BibEdit currently uses the function record_locked_by_queue() from to detect that a record is going to be affected by a task from bibsched. Then it displays the message: This record cannot be safely edited at the moment. Please try again in a few minutes.

I am not sure if this ticket pretends the behaviour to be different or it was not completely known how BibEdit deals with these cases.


Originally on 2012-03-31

This ticked should probably be closed.

@kaplun kaplun added the r_wontfix label


@kaplun kaplun closed this
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