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BibMatch: query remote installations #72

tiborsimko opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Originally on 2010-05-28

When matching records, BibMatch currently queries local Invenio
installation. It should be able to optionally query a remote Invenio
installation via search engine API, so that catalogers can work with
BibConvert/BibMatch workflows on some machine A and still have nice
matching against remote machine B.

@jalavik jalavik was assigned by tiborsimko

Originally on 2010-05-28

I have attached a script that more or less does this job, using search engine HTTP API.

It has several limitations (incl. no support for authentication, i.e. restricted records are not returned), but can be used at least as starting point to test running BibMatch with remote repositories.


from InvenioConnector import *
cds = InvenioConnector("")

results ="higgs")

for record in results[:10]:
    print record["245__a"][0]
    print record["520__b"][0]
    for author in record["100__"]:
        print author["a"][0], author["u"][0]

Originally on 2010-06-18

git branch jlavik/bibmatch-query-remote-installations

@tiborsimko tiborsimko closed this

Originally on 2010-06-29

Fixed in 4618c7b

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