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Fix CV Format sort order #808

jrbl opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Originally on 2011-09-08

CV format only gives output in reverse-chronological order. Sometimes people request something else. CV format should be able to use any of the sort orders selected in the search dropdown, ideally.

(But we get into a bit of confusion if the default brief format search order is different from "latest-first". Then people have to click two things to get what they usually want, rather than one.)

Cf. old conversation on #314.


Originally on 2012-01-31

Sort direction selection for CV formats is now supported in INSPIRE. (patch in_merge at invenio-jlavik/rebased-20111005-reverse-cv-sorting which is based off invenio-inspire-ops repo)


Originally by hoc on 2012-10-05

The CV formats have a problem sorting by year. Take a look at:
starts with his 1966 thesis as it should. But switch to the CV formats:
and it starts with a 1978 paper. Same with CVLatex and CVhtml.

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