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Improve parsing in Shared_Functions.get_dictionary_from_string(..) #91

jeromecaffaro opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Originally on 2010-05-28

The get_dictionary_from_string(..) taking care of parsing WebSubmit function parameters given using a syntax similar to Python dictionary would need to be improved.

Currently the function does not support commas (,) in keys and values, or colon (:) in values. For eg. the following returns unexpected values:

from invenio.websubmit_functions.Shared_Functions import get_dictionary_from_string

get_dictionary_from_string('{"foo,": "bar"}')
get_dictionary_from_string('{"foo": "bar,bar"}')
get_dictionary_from_string('{"foo:": "bar"}')

(colon ":" in values is to be quickly fixed in a soon to be integrated patch, but a cleaner approach is still needed)


Originally by Jerome Caffaro on 2010-06-28

In [27b839d]:

#CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="27b839d58ba764a3d6ac21d85504e7ea967d3c94"
WebSubmit: improved dict-like params parsing

- Improved parsing of WebSubmit function parameters that use a Python
  dictionary-like syntax. Fixes #91
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