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React components to build your search UI application.
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React-SearchKit is a React library that allows you to build in an easy way your search application. Read more

Main features:

  • ready-to-use collection of UI components
  • configurable REST API endpoint and serialization
  • configurable URL parameters handling

React-SearchKit screenshot

Developer guide

React-SearchKit uses nwb as development toolkit.

Install the library:

npm install

Start the demo applications:

npm start

The library uses Jest as test runner. To run the tests:

npm test

Integration with hot reloading

If you need to integrate React-SearchKit in your application but in the meantime be able to edit the library, you can do the following.

Create a global link of React-SearchKit:

cd react-searchkit
npm link

Use the global link in your application:

cd myapplication
npm link react-searchkit

Start the react-searchkit build with hot reloading:

npm run build:watch
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