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COMODO One Client Communication Chocolatey Package


CHOCO INSTALL comodo-cocc

Chocolatey Package for the COMODO One Client Communications ITSM/RMM Agent This will need the agent to be activated to the HOST and TOKEN of your Comodo One account. I am working with Comodo to pass these arguments directly to the CHOCO installer so that this can be automatted more. It is possible to do via a work around with an INI config file enrollment_config.ini which is documented on the WIKI: It is a bit of a messy undocumented way and I don't feel confident in it working via a package but I have written powershell to automate the creation of this file and I am releasing it as a package seperate to this one but hopefully they will get back to me on a magic way to just pass these required arguments directly to the installer or service and avoid all this. Until then this will get you the main agent installed with a lovely GUI to activate the device with by putting the domain and and token from your Comodo One portal.

Version 6.14.9529.17120 / December 23rd 2017

Release Notes

Checksum Verification using the AU Powershell Module

Import-Module AU
Get-RemoteChecksum -Algorithm sha256 -Url ''

Automatic Enrollment

enrollment_config.ini file placed in %PROGRAMFILES%\COMODO\Comodo ITSM\ or %PROGRAMFILES(x86)\COMODO\Comodo ITSM\

host =
token = {token}
port = 443
remove_third_party = false
suite = 4

Found on these instructions about depoloying in a VDI environment, this is the only way I have found to automate the enrollment and pass these parameters.

A forum post I've created about this is at:

Powershell to create this simple INI file for you

$token = "55776ef2c85b6ca713c1ea0377b99e00"
$domain = "inventica-msp"
$COMODOpath = Join-Path -ChildPath "COMODO\COMODO ITSM" -Path ${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}
if (Test-Path -Path $COMODOpath -eq $false){
    $COMODOpath = Join-Path -ChildPath "COMODO\COMODO ITSM" -Path ${env:ProgramFiles}
$inipath = Join-Path -ChildPath "enrollment_config.ini" -Path $COMODOpath
$ini = """
token = $($token)
host = $($domain)
port = 443
suite = 4
remove_third_party = false
Out-File -FilePath $inipath -Encoding utf8 -InputObject $ini
& . "$($COMODOpath)\ITSMService.exe -c 2"


Comodo One Client Communications Agent for ITSM/RMM



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