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This release contains the Debian base operating system image provided as reference for booting, and start developing on, the USB armory board.

The base image consists of a standard Linux distribution (Debian) prepared with the process outlined in the usbarmory-debian-base_image repository.


IMPORTANT: /dev/sdX, /dev/diskN must be replaced with your microSD device (not eventual microSD partitions), ensure that you are specifying the correct one. Errors in target specification will result in disk corruption.

NOTE: Remember to uncompress the downloaded image file before imaging.

Linux (verify target from terminal using dmesg):

sudo dd if=usbarmory-debian_jessie-base_image-20170518.raw of=/dev/sdX bs=1M conv=fsync

Mac OS X (verify target from terminal with diskutil list):

sudo dd if=usbarmory-debian_jessie-base_image-20170518.raw of=/dev/rdiskN bs=1m

On Windows, and other OSes, alternatively the Etcher utility can be used.


After being booted, the image uses Ethernet over USB emulation (CDC Ethernet) to communicate with the host, with assigned IP address (using as gateway). Connection can be accomplished via SSH to, with default user usbarmory and password usbarmory. NOTE: There is a DHCP server running by default. Alternatively the host interface IP address can be statically set to

LED feedback

To aid initial testing the base image configures the board LED to reflect CPU load average, via the Linux Heartbeat Trigger driver. In case this is undesired, the heartbeat can be disabled by removing the ledtrig_heartbeat module in /etc/modules. More information about LED control here.


The default image is 4GB of size, to use the full microSD space a new partition can be added or the existing one can be resized as described here.

Additional resources

Project page
Board schematics, layout and support files
INTERLOCK - file encryption front end
Discussion group

Major changes against the previous release:

  • upgraded to kernel 4.9.28
  • upgraded to U-Boot 2017.05
  • enabled DHCP server
  • added /boot/imx53-usbarmory-scc2.dtb for SCCv2 support


22eec0739b78b35fff99221d5abcfa06422b573eca4632a6f0cd9ba951654c11  usbarmory-debian_jessie-base_image-20170518.raw.xz
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