Connect Inversion pipelines using Pub-Sub mechanism across process and machine boundaries
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#Inversion.Ultrastructure This is a class library for Inversion which allows a pipeline in one thread to publish events to other connected pipelines, possibly on other machines. Publishing is done via a pub-sub pattern, hidden behind the IPubSubClient interface. Currently there is a Redis client for this, but other transports will be fairly straightforward to add.

#Submodule setup I do something a bit niche with submodules, so I would recommend not doing the --recursive thing because that will cause mass duplication of repository contents. Simply running the following instructions should mean you get a single copy of each submodule in the root "submodules" folder.

cd submodules
git submodule init
git submodule update


To run the demos you will need to have a Redis server of some sort. I use the Windows version when I'm testing locally. The default Redis address is localhost:6379. The default Redis database number is 15. You can change the Redis server address, port and database number in the App.config files in the demo projects.

##What to expect Both demos feature a primary message pump that publishes a particular event ("hello-from-pump") to a specific channel ("global"). The first listener will react to "hello-from-pump" events by logging a message to the console, changing a parameter in the event and publishing a new event ("hello-from-listener1") to the same channel. The second listener will react to "hello-from-listener1" events by logging a message to the console.


Single process demonstration which launches 3 tasks - one pump, two listeners - that communicate in a cascade.


Executable takes a single parameter.

Start the primary event pump:

Ultrastructure.Demo2.exe pump

Start the first listener:

Ultrastructure.Demo2.exe listener1

Start the second listener:

Ultrastructure.Demo2.exe listener2