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.balign 4
info: .asciz "Please enter your string: "
format: .asciz "%5s"
.balign 4
strIN: .skip 5
strOUT: .skip 5
val: .byte 0x5
output: .asciz "your input: %s\n"
.global main
.extern printf
.extern scanf
push {ip, lr} @ push return address + dummy register
ldr r0, =info @ print the info
bl printf
ldr r0, =format
ldr r1, =strIN
bl scanf
@ parsing of the message
ldr r5, =strOUT
ldr r1, =strIN
ldrb r2, [r1]
ldrb r3, [r1,#1]
eor r0, r2, r3
str r0, [r5]
ldrb r4, [r1,#2]
eor r0, r4, r3
str r0, [r5,#1]
add r2, #0x5
str r2, [r5,#2]
ldrb r4, [r1,#3]
eor r0, r3, r4
str r0, [r5,#3]
ldrb r2, [r1,#4]
eor r0, r2, r4
str r0, [r5,#4]
@ print of the final string
ldr r0, =strOUT @ print num formatted by output string.
bl printf
pop {ip, pc} @ pop return address into pc