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A collection of recipes to prepare environments for hosting Magento applications.

Supported Platforms




Sets up the system cron to call the Magento cron executor for each defined Magento site.


Prepared the local.xml file for each defined Magento site.


Set up a complete Magento application server calling many of the other magento-ng recipes.


Key Type Description Default
['magento']['db']['host'] String Database host name / IP localhost
['magento']['db']['database'] String Database name magentodb
['magento']['db']['username'] String Database user name magentouser
['magento']['db']['password'] String Database user password
['magento']['db']['persistant'] String Use persistent connections 0
['magento']['db']['active'] String Is the database active 1
['magento']['db']['model'] String Database type mysql4
['magento']['db']['initStatements'] String Database init statements SET NAMES utf8
['magento']['db']['type'] String PHP database driver pdo_mysql
['magento']['app']['base_path'] String Path to the root of the Magento files public
['magento']['app']['locale'] String Default locale en_GB
['magento']['app']['timezone'] String Default timezone Europe/London
['magento']['app']['currency'] String Default currency GBP
['magento']['app']['session_save'] String Session storage type (files|db|memcache) db
['magento']['app']['admin_frontname'] String URL path to the admin admin
['magento']['app']['use_rewrites'] String Whether to use URL rewriting yes
['magento']['app']['use_secure'] String Allow secure connections yes
['magento']['app']['use_secure_admin'] String Allow secure connections to admin yes
['magento']['app']['multi_session_save'] String Multi session storage type (files|db|memcache) db
['magento']['app']['session_memcache_ip'] String IP of session storage memcache instance
['magento']['app']['session_memcache_port'] String Port to connect to session storage memcache 11211
['magento']['app']['backend_cache'] String Cache storage type (apc|memcache|xcache|file|CM_Cache_Backend_Redis) file
['magento']['app']['slow_backend'] String Slow cache storage type (database|file) database
['magento']['redis']['host'] String Hostnane/IP of the Redis instance
['magento']['redis']['port'] String Redis instance port 6379
['magento']['redis']['password'] String Redis instance password
['magento']['redis']['timeout'] String Redis connection timeout 2.5
['magento']['redis']['database'] String Database to use for backend cache 0
['magento']['redis']['full_page_cache_database'] String Database to use for full page cache 1
['magento']['redis']['session_database'] String Database to use for session storage 2
['magento']['redis']['persistent'] String Unique string for persistent connections c
['magento']['redis']['full_page_cache_persistent'] String Unique string for persistent full page cache connections fpc
['magento']['redis']['session_persistent'] String Unique string for persistent session connections s
['magento']['redis']['force_standalone'] String Enforce standalone PHP redis, 0 for phpredis 0
['magento']['redis']['connect_retries'] String Reduces errors due to random connection failures 1
['magento']['redis']['automatic_cleaning_factor'] String Enable automatic cleaning (not recommended) 0
['magento']['redis']['compress_data'] String Enable data compression 1
['magento']['redis']['compress_tags'] String Enable tag compression 1
['magento']['redis']['compress_threshold'] String Minimum string size for compression 2040
['magento']['redis']['compression_lib'] String Compression library (gzip|lzf|l4z|snappy) gzip
['magento']['redis']['lifetime_limit'] String Lifetime for cache record 57600
['magento']['redis']['log_level'] String Logging level 4
['magento']['redis']['max_concurrency'] String Maximum number of processes that can wait for a lock 6
['magento']['redis']['break_after_frontend'] String Seconds to wait for a session lock 5
['magento']['redis']['fail_after'] String Seconds to wait before bailing (in addition to break after time) 10
['magento']['redis']['break_after_adminhtml'] String Seconds to wait for a session lock in admin 30
['magento']['redis']['first_lifetime'] String Lifetime of session for non-bots 600
['magento']['redis']['bot_first_lifetime'] String Lifetime of session for bots on first write 60
['magento']['redis']['bot_lifetime'] String Lifetime of session for bots on subsequent writes 7200
['magento']['redis']['disable_locking'] String Disable session locking entirely 0
['magento']['redis']['min_lifetime'] String Minimum session lifetime 60
['magento']['redis']['max_lifetime'] String Maximim session lifetime 2592000
['magento']['redis']['use_lua'] String Enable Lua for some operations 0
['magento']['global']['extra_params'] Object Key/value parameter pairs { 'skip_process_modules_updates' => 1, 'skip_process_modules_updates_dev_mode' => 1 }


  1. Fork the repository on Github
  2. Create a named feature branch (like add_component_x)
  3. Write you change
  4. Write tests for your change (if applicable)
  5. Run the tests, ensuring they all pass
  6. Submit a Pull Request using Github

Supermarket share

stove is used to create git tags and publish the cookbook on

To tag/publish you need to be a contributor to the cookbook on Supermarket and run:

$ stove login --username <your username> --key ~/.chef/<your username>.pem
$ rake publish

It will take the version defined in metadata.rb, create a tag, and push the cookbook to

License and Authors

  • Author:: Andy Thompson
Copyright:: 2015 Inviqa UK LTD

See LICENSE file
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