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Invisible Collector SDK for .NET
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Invoice Capture SDK for .NET

Build status NuGet Issues


Download the latest release or via NuGet.

Docs Build Instructions

TO build the docs you need to have mono installed

For Linux and Mac (bash)

cd docfx # from project root
./ install # downloads docfx binary
./ build # builds the statis api docs pages, needs mono, this will build into /docs

For Windows (cmd)

docfx should be installed before running this script:

cd docfx
docfx docfx.jsonmono docfx/docfx.exe docfx.json

Build Instructions

Node: on windows replace - with / on flags

To build from command line run:

$ msbuild 

or to build for release:

$ msbuild -p:Configuration=Release

To create a nuget package run:

$ msbuild -t:pack -p:Configuration=Release

or with a specific version:

$ msbuild -t:pack -p:Configuration=Release -p:Version=1.2.3

The generated .nukpg will be /InvoiceCaptureLib/bin/Release/InvoiceCaptureLib<version>.nupkg



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