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Interactive notebooks you can use to learn how to analyze lots of data
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400 Discover informative features when classifying handwritten digits.ipynb Rehauled content
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421 Compare supervised learning techniques.ipynb Polished notebooks and slides
430 Identify key user conversion metrics after split testing.ipynb Polished notebooks and slides
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450 Segment users to find market opportunities.ipynb Polished notebooks and slides
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460 Listen for unusual activity.ipynb Polished notebooks and slides
481 Parallelize symbolic mathematics on multi-dimensional arrays with Theano.ipynb Rehauled content
491 Prototype GPU computation techniques with PyCUDA.ipynb Rehauled content
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551 Explore cloud computing concepts with pika.ipynb Rehauled content
600 Rank the influence of alcohol and chocolate on marriage age.ipynb Polished notebooks and slides
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Cross-disciplinary computational analysis

Here is a growing collection of interactive IPython Notebook tutorials on large-scale data analysis.

Install packages

cd ~/Documents
git clone
cd crosscompute-scripts

Run notebooks

cd ~/Documents
# Download and unpack the notebooks into a folder
git clone
# Activate virtual environment and start IPython Notebook in the folder
cd crosscompute-tutorials

Ask questions

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