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Electricity infrastructure prototyping framework
Python JavaScript Shell
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NP Electricity Infrastructure Prototyping Framework

NetworkPlanner is a framework for planning large-scale electricity infrastructure projects. Included are an example technology pricing metric model and a network optimization algorithm. The framework is easily extensible so that governments can adapt the example models to fit their country's needs. NetworkPlanner is developed and maintained by the Modi Research Group at the Earth Institute of Columbia University.

Run development server

This option enables debugging and is useful for creating new models or changing the framework code.

1. Install dependencies.

su -c "deployment/"

2. Generate documentation.

./restart docs

3. Run development server.

./restart ds

Run production server on a single computer

This option disables debugging and is useful for production release testing.

1. Install dependencies.

su -c "deployment/"

2. Prepare PostgreSQL database and access credentials.

    service postgresql initdb
    service postgresql start
    passwd postgres
    su - postgres
        createdb np
        createuser np
            grant all on database np to np
            alter role np set password='AyfNFioDbFJDNyjaQK3xHDtUZIcHdU0b'
            flush privileges
        vim data/pg_hba.conf            # Set METHOD to md5
    service postgresql restart

3. Create configuration file.

cp default.cfg .production.cfg
vim .production.cfg

4. Configure nginx server.

    yum remove -y httpd
    yum install -y nginx
    vim /etc/nginx/nginx.conf           # See deployment/nginx.conf
    service nginx restart

5. Run single production server.

./restart ss

Run production server on a cluster of computers

This option disables debugging and is useful for production deployment. Run these commands after you have performed steps 1 - 4 for running a production server on a single computer.

1. Run cluster production server.

./restart cs

2. Run the following script on each cluster machine.              # Change 134f to your desired username
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