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FOIER is a learning tool designed to illustrate how concurrency can be leveraged in Golang for rapid reconnaissance and discovery. It is being presented for the first time at the Atlantic Security Conference on April 26th, 2018.

Getting started

  • First you need the Go environment
  • Clone this repository(in $GOPATH/src/
    • git clone
  • Get dep so you can install your dependencies
    • go get -u
  • Get all of the project dependencies
    • dep ensure
  • Build the project!
    • go build
  • Run the binary
    • foier --help

Demo Success!

To give an idea of the performance of this project, I was able to download 7000 files in under two seconds. The two hosts that I used were a $5 instance from Vultr and a $40 instance from Linode.

Further Learning