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Inviwo - Interactive Visualization Workshop

Build Status BSD licensed Release version

Inviwo is a software framework for rapid visualization prototyping.

Package releases and information is available at

Below follow some general information about the framework:

  • Freely available under the Simplified BSD License.
  • Cross-platform and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Easily extendable through inclusion of external modules and projects.


  • The core is written in C/C++ only, with minor dependencies.


  • Modern graphics programming through OpenGL (>= 3.2 Core) related modules.
  • Parallel computing on multiple platforms (GPU/CPU) through OpenCL (>= 1.0) related modules.
  • Python (> 3.2) scripting and computation is supported through provided modules.


  • The primary GUI is based on Qt (Supported >= 5.3).
  • A minimal application is available, utilizing GLFW 3 for multiple window and context management.

Build system

  • The project and module configuration/generation is performed through CMake (>= 3.2.0).
  • Inviwo has been compiled in Visual Studio (>= 2015), XCode (>= 5), KDevelop (>= 4), Make.
  • C++14 Required



This work was supported by Linköping University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Ulm University, and through grants from the Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC).