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martinfalk committed Sep 15, 2017
1 parent 925d5f8 commit 809040abf30067fd4afe9e14ae5d3b43e0a25dc5
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@@ -1,14 +1,11 @@
*.h linguist-language=C++
tools/* linguist-vendored=false
## mark shader files as GLSL
*.frag linguist-language=GLSL
*.geom linguist-language=GLSL
*.vert linguist-language=GLSL
ext/* linguist-vendored
modules/assimp/ext/* linguist-vendored
modules/cimg/ext/* linguist-vendored
modules/eigenutils/ext/* linguist-vendored
modules/fontrendering/ext/* linguist-vendored
modules/glfw/ext/* linguist-vendored
modules/hdf5/ext/* linguist-vendored
modules/nifti/ext/* linguist-vendored
modules/opengl/ext/* linguist-vendored
modules/pvm/ext/* linguist-vendored
tools/codegen/warn/warn/ext/* linguist-vendored
## tools is ignored by default (see linguist docs)
tools/** linguist-vendored=false
## exclude all external libraries
**/ext/** linguist-vendored

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