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We are releasing a new Inviwo version 0.9.11.
Major change since the last release include:

  • We have updated a number of build requirements:
    • A compiler supporting C++17 (We have built Inviwo with VS 2017, Clang 7, GCC 8, and XCode 10)
    • CMake version >= 3.12
    • Qt version >= 5.12
  • New transfer function transforms: flip positions, interpolate alpha, equalize alpha (#618)
  • Better import of transfer functions from images (#626)
  • Source processors now have an option to see and explicitly set the data reader used. (#635)
  • We now group add the module targets in a folder per external modules directory. The folder name can be customized by adding a meta.cmake file to the external modules directory with set(group_name <name>) otherwise the folder name is used. (#637)
  • Image port resize refactoring. The handling of image resize event is now more robust. (#645, #658)
  • The Volume '.dat' reader now supports a ByteOffset option.
  • The Camera now has a set off buttons to easily fit data into the view. The buttons are also available via the canvas context menu. (#656)
  • The Welcome widget got a search feature (#654, #662)
  • Jenkins got better at tracking warning and format issues.
  • Lots of fixes for static builds (#627, #631, #633)
  • Observables no longer makes its observers also observe its clones (#643)
  • PropertyOnwer will let all its observers know about the property removal on destruction (#632)

See our changelog for more details.