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Initial test #21

merged 6 commits into from Jun 7, 2018
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Adds write_xml() test

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duskybomb committed May 28, 2018
commit 2f3ae4446cfb1b2603055e3956fb6936591d46c4
@@ -0,0 +1,53 @@
<rsm:CrossIndustryInvoice xmlns:qdt="urn:un:unece:uncefact:data:standard:QualifiedDataType:100" xmlns:ram="urn:un:unece:uncefact:data:standard:ReusableAggregateBusinessInformationEntity:100" xmlns:rsm="urn:un:unece:uncefact:data:standard:CrossIndustryInvoice:100" xmlns:udt="urn:un:unece:uncefact:data:standard:UnqualifiedDataType:100" xmlns:xsi="">
<udt:DateTimeString format="102">20171031</udt:DateTimeString>
<ram:BuyerReference>CodeSERVICE A</ram:BuyerReference>
<ram:Name>FOURNISSEUR F</ram:Name>
<ram:ID schemeID="0002">99988877900017</ram:ID>
<ram:ID schemeID="VA">FR34999888779</ram:ID>
<ram:Name>CLIENT 1</ram:Name>
<ram:ID schemeID="0002">77788899100018</ram:ID>
<ram:TaxBasisTotalAmount currencyID="EUR">15976.87</ram:TaxBasisTotalAmount>
<ram:TaxTotalAmount currencyID="EUR">3195.37</ram:TaxTotalAmount>
<ram:GrandTotalAmount currencyID="EUR">19172.24</ram:GrandTotalAmount>
<ram:DuePayableAmount currencyID="EUR">19172.24</ram:DuePayableAmount>
@@ -1,6 +1,59 @@
import os
import unittest
from facturx.facturx import *
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
class XmlTree:

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m3nu Jun 3, 2018

  • You can't plagiarize a whole code block without license and credit.
  • If a helper class is needed, it can't be in the test module.

m3nu Jun 3, 2018

  • You can't plagiarize a whole code block without license and credit.
  • If a helper class is needed, it can't be in the test module.
def __init__(self):
def convert_string_to_tree( xmlString):
return ET.fromstring(xmlString)
def xml_compare(self, x1, x2):
if x1.tag != x2.tag:
# print('Tags do not match: %s and %s' % (x1.tag, x2.tag))
return False
for name, value in x1.attrib.items():
if x2.attrib.get(name) != value:
# print('Attributes do not match: %s=%r, %s=%r'
# % (name, value, name, x2.attrib.get(name)))
return False
for name in x2.attrib.keys():
if name not in x1.attrib:
# print('x2 has an attribute x1 is missing: %s'
# % name)
return False
if not self.text_compare(x1.text, x2.text):
# print('text: %r != %r' % (x1.text, x2.text))
return False
if not self.text_compare(x1.tail, x2.tail):
# print('tail: %r != %r' % (x1.tail, x2.tail))
return False
cl1 = x1.getchildren()
cl2 = x2.getchildren()
if len(cl1) != len(cl2):
# print('children length differs, %i != %i'
# % (len(cl1), len(cl2)))
return False
i = 0
for c1, c2 in zip(cl1, cl2):
i += 1
if not self.xml_compare(c1, c2):
# print('children %i do not match: %s'
# % (i, c1.tag))
return False
return True
def text_compare(self, t1, t2):
if not t1 and not t2:
return True
if t1 == '*' or t2 == '*':
return True
return (t1 or '').strip() == (t2 or '').strip()
class TestReading(unittest.TestCase):
@@ -54,7 +107,26 @@ def test_write_pdf(self):
def test_write_xml(self):
compare_file_dir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'compare')
expected_file_path = os.path.join(compare_file_dir, 'no_embedded_data.xml')
test_file_path = os.path.join(compare_file_dir, 'test.xml')
factx = FacturX(self.find_file('no_embedded_data.pdf'))
with open(expected_file_path, 'r') as expected_file, open(test_file_path, 'r') as test_file:
expected_file_tree = XmlTree.convert_string_to_tree(
test_file_tree = XmlTree.convert_string_to_tree(
comparator = XmlTree()
if comparator.xml_compare(expected_file_tree, test_file_tree):
self.assertTrue(False, "Files don't match")
def main():
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