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ansible-installer - The easiest way to install Invoice Ninja!

This is a crude set of ansible roles that will take a clean Ubuntu (16.04 LTS was used for testing) server and install Invoice Ninja and all of its dependencies.

Steps to install

First you need to ensure python and ssh are installed on the target Ubuntu machine.

sudo apt-get install python ssh

Copy your public SSH key onto the target server - on Mac this can be found here:


The target location will be ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

**Note this must be for a non-root user, use adduser on the target machine to create a user

**You will also need to ensure this user is part of the sudo group

usermod -aG sudo username

On your local machine install ansible (This script was tested with ansible 2.5)

brew install ansible

Create a host file for ansible on your local machine

sudo vim /etc/ansible/hosts

Host file should look like this


Install the required roles

ansible-galaxy install jdauphant.nginx

ansible-galaxy install stackbuilders.certbot

Configure variables in vars/vars.yml

# sudo user on target machine
user: david

# target machine DB credentials
db_user: invoiceninja
db_password: adminpwd
db_name: invoiceninja

# lets encrypt email address
letsencrypt_email: ''

# web address ie:
server_name: ''

# you can also change the repo branch, default is set to master

git_branch: 'master'

Run the playbook and wait for it to complete

ansible-playbook localvm.yml --ask-become


  • I am by no means an expert with ansible, if you see an issue, please PR.

Other ansible resources

  • If this script doesn't fit your needs, check out the following ansible roles that are designed for Invoice Ninja


Install Invoice Ninja using ansible





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