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CodePerfect is a fast Go IDE written in C/C++/OpenGL like a video game. It starts instantly, runs at 144 FPS, has near-zero latency, and comes with native, full-featured code intelligence and integrated debugging with Delve.

See more features here.

It's no longer actively developed, but is now open source and free. It only supports MacOS; there are no plans to port it.


Grab the latest release for your architecture.


Clone the repo:

git clone

By default it detects based on your machine architecture whether to build for M1 or Intel. If you're on M1 and you want to bypass this to build for Intel, create an .x64 file at the root of the repo:

touch .x64

(This lets you build for both architectures from a single M1 machine; I have the repo cloned twice into separate codeperfect and codeperfect-x64 folders.)

Next, install dependencies:


To build the binary, run:


This builds the binary to the ./build folder. To package the full .app, run:


This builds the .app (and zips it up) inside the ./scratch folder.


The website is a small, unremarkable React app built with Vite, TypeScript and Tailwind.

To run it, install Bun, then cd into ./web and run bun install and bun run dev.

Procedure to update version

  1. Open versions.go and bump the version
  2. Run sh/package for both x64 and ARM
  3. Run git tag <version> and git push --all
  4. Create new release in Github, upload .zip files in ./scratch