InternetWorX XML-RPC API Client for NodeJS
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A Node.js client to connect to inwx XML-RPC API.


npm install inwx

Official Documentation from InternetWorX

You can view a detailed description of the API functions in our documentation. The documentation as PDF ist part of the Projekt. You also can read the documentation online


  • For the production API, you need an account at
  • For the testing API, register a new account at You won't be able to use your standard credentials from!


var inwx = require('inwx');

// set api to production or testing
inwx({api: "testing", user: "max123", password: "pass123"}, function(api){
  console.log("API is ready");

  // get account infos"account", "info", {}, function(response){
    console.log(" response:");

  // SOA serial numbers are updated by INWX automatically!

  // create record in nameserver set and delete again
  // using helper methods
  // make sure the nameserver for already exists!!
  api.nameserverRecordHelper("", "create", {type: "A", name: "", content: ""}, function(response) {
    console.log("created record:");

    // so, lets delete it
    api.nameserverRecordHelper("", "delete", {type: "A", name: "", content: ""}, function(response) {
      console.log("deleted record:");

  // update record in nameserver   
  api.nameserverRecordHelper("", "update", {content: ""}, {type: "A", name: ""}, function(response) {
    console.log("updated record with");

  // be aware that calls are made asynchronously! call api.close() when all other calls terminated.
  // api.close(); // logout 

See example.js for more examples.

License (MIT)

Released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for the complete wording.