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Single-purpose site that detects visitors' states and shows upcoming elections and registration deadlines.



Why make this site?

I want to make it easier to find out about and participate in elections during non-presidential years. Statewide elections, especially for state legislature and executive positions, don't get a lot of coverage. These elections are often scheduled on unexpected days (i.e., not necessarily on a Tuesday in November on even-numbered years), and government websites don't always make it easy to find this information. does exactly what it says on in the tin: when you should vote next.

Why doesn't my state have election data?

States schedule their elections largely independently of one another, so State X might have dates finalized already but State Z is still planning (those State Z officials are so corrupt and lazy!). The Civic Data API I use to get scheduling data is updated as soon as that information is available, and I push any changes to my site every 24 hours. Check back regularly to find out when your next election is.

Why not have local elections too?

Detecting states from IP addresses is easy, but getting users' municipalities requires fine-level geolocation from GPS or Wi-Fi router mapping. That's more work than it's worth right now.

Why didn't the site correctly detect my state?

It could be one of three reasons:

  • You have an ad-blocker. Although this site has no ads or trackers at all, it does use to determine your state from your IP address. This domain is on many adblockers' lists.

  • is being slow. In order to keep load times snappy, this site is set to give up trying to detect your state if it doesn't get that data within 3 seconds.

  • You're browsing on a cellular connection. Mobile IP addresses might not be registered near your actual position.

Are you collecting any data from visitors?

No data is stored about visitors. I'm not even using any analytics at all. I'm not interested in who's using this site or where they're from. This is mostly static web assets to maximize reliability and minimize hosting requirements.

Can you send out email/text reminders as elections and deadlines come up?

I thought about doing this, but decided against it because that would have required me to maintain and secure 51 email lists (for the 50 states + DC). I don't want to be liable for any data breaches, so I'm abstaining from gathering any user data at all.

In lieu of email/text reminders, you can follow @whenvote, which is updated whenever new elections are posted. also generates ICS calendar files that you can import into popular calendar platforms like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar (formerly iCal), and Microsoft Outlook.


Civic Data provided by U.S. Vote Foundation

State-level IP geolocation by

Site icon "voting booth" by Alv Jorgen Bovolden from the Noun Project

This site uses jQuery

The Civic API data retrieval script uses the Requests,, and Tweepy modules for Python 3


Statewide election dates quick lookup



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