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UNixize Filename -- replace annoying anti-unix characters in filenames
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UNixize Filename -- replace annoying anti-unix characters in filenames


Certain characters in filenames are problematic for command-line users. For example, spaces and parentheses are treated specially by the shell. unf renames these files, so you no longer have to be annoyed when your Windows-using friend sends you an irritatingly-named zip file.


Using cargo

cargo install unf

This installs to ~/.cargo/bin, so make sure that's in your PATH.

Arch Linux

Install unf from the AUR.


unf [FLAGS] <PATH>...

<PATH>...: The paths of filenames to unixize

-r --recursive: Recursively unixize filenames in directories. If some of the specified paths are directories, unf will operate recursively on their contents

-s --follow-symlinks: Follow symbolic links

-f --force Do not interactively prompt to rename each file


$ unf 🤔😀😃😄😁😆😅emojis.txt
rename '🤔😀😃😄😁😆😅emojis.txt' -> 'emojis.txt'? (y/N): y
$ unf -f 'Game (Not Pirated 😉).rar'
rename 'Game (Not Pirated 😉).rar' -> 'Game_Not_Pirated.rar'
$ unf -rf My\ Files/ My\ Folder
rename 'My Files/Passwords :) .txt' -> 'My Files/Passwords.txt'
rename 'My Files/Another Cool Photo.JPG' -> 'My Files/Another_Cool_Photo.JPG'
rename 'My Files/Wow Cool Photo.JPG' -> 'My Files/Wow_Cool_Photo.JPG'
rename 'My Files/Cool Photo.JPG' -> 'My Files/Cool_Photo.JPG'
rename 'My Files/' -> 'My_Files'
rename 'My Folder' -> 'My_Folder'
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