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Project Description
abstand abstand Interval trees.
anethum anethum Generic parser API specification.
aradine aradine Modular programmable synthesis.
aurantium aurantium Aurantium audio sample map format.
bishopsgate bishopsgate JMS → Matrix relay.
blackthorne blackthorne Functional streaming XML data extraction.
bodyrecomp bodyrecomp Body recomposition tools.
boxwood boxwood EPUB parser.
brooklime brooklime Nexus Pro staging repository API and command-line tool.
calino calino Strongly-specified 3D texture file format.
canonmill canonmill Directory-based Java Keystore.
cardant cardant Inventory server.
cardant_gui cardant_gui Cardant JavaFX GUI.
cedarbridge cedarbridge Generic, strongly-typed, versioned message protocol compiler.
certusine certusine ACME client.
changelog changelog Software changelogs.
checkstyle_rules checkstyle_rules Common Checkstyle rules for io7m projects.
chione chione Opinionated builds of Apache Artemis for small-scale deployments.
cxbutton cxbutton Customizable embossed CSS buttons.
darco darco Minimalist, opinionated database access.
digal digal Java FX rotary dials.
dixmont dixmont Dixmont Jackson extensions.
ervilla ervilla JUnit 5 Podman container creation.
ethermaker ethermaker Ethernet MAC address generator.
flail flail DNS server stress testing tool.
garriga garriga AlertManager → Matrix Alert Relay.
gatwick gatwick BOSS GT-1000 controller.
genevan genevan Generic protocol negotiation algorithm.
gtyrell gtyrell Git repository mirroring tool.
hibiscus hibiscus RPC Client API Specification.
idstore idstore Identity server.
idstore_gui idstore_gui GUI for idstore.
idstore_trafficgen idstore_trafficgen Traffic generator for idstore.
ieee754b16 ieee754b16 Functions for converting to/from IEEE754 binary16 values.
immutables-style immutables-style annotations for io7m projects.
jaccord jaccord Java library to assist with musical analysis.
jade jade Java application directory etiquette.
jaffirm jaffirm Simple and fast contract checking.
jarabica jarabica Type-safe OpenAL wrapper.
jattribute jattribute Observable, functional, mutable variables.
jbssio jbssio Java bytestream structural I/O.
jcamera jcamera Camera implementations for 3D simulations.
jcathinone jcathinone Apache Artemis message directory spooler.
jcip jcip Clean-room JCIP annotations.
jcolorspace jcolorspace Color space conversions.
jcoords jcoords Functions for specifying and converting between coordinate spaces.
jcoronado jcoronado Type-safe Vulkan wrapper.
jdeferthrow jdeferthrow Defer and combine exceptions.
jdownload jdownload Resumable HTTP downloader library.
jequality jequality Equality handling.
jeucreader jeucreader Unicode codepoint reader.
jfsm jfsm Finite state machines.
jintegers jintegers Integer handling.
jinterp jinterp Interpolation functions.
jlexing jlexing Lexer types.
jmulticlose jmulticlose Collective try-with-resources.
jmurmur jmurmur Java implementation of the Murmur hash function.
jmutnum jmutnum Trivial mutable numbers.
jnfp jnfp Normalized fixed-point value functions.
jnoisetype jnoisetype SoundFont® I/O.
jobj jobj Java Wavefront OBJ parser.
jodist jodist Coffee-flavoured source code generation.
jorchard jorchard Mutable rose-tree types.
jpita jpita Simple text alignment algorithms.
jpplib jpplib An improved fork of the unmaintained jpplib package.
jproperties jproperties Typed property handling.
jptbox jptbox Unicode box drawing.
jpuddle jpuddle Trivial object pooling.
jqpage jqpage SQL pagination functions.
jranges jranges Range handling.
jregions jregions Immutable area types.
jsamplebuffer jsamplebuffer Audio sample buffer types.
jsay jsay Tiny JMS text message sender.
jserial jserial Serial number arithmetic.
jspatial jspatial Spatial data structures.
jspearmint jspearmint SPIR-V toolkit.
jspiel jspiel Java RIFF I/O.
jsx jsx S-expression parser.
jsycamore jsycamore OpenGL GUI library.
jtensors jtensors Vector/matrix math package.
junreachable junreachable Exception types for marking unreachable/unimplemented code.
junsigned junsigned Missing unsigned value conversions.
jvindicator jvindicator Type-safe HTTP servlet parameter validation.
jwheatsheaf jwheatsheaf JavaFX file chooser.
jxe jxe Hardened, boilerplate-free XML parsers.
jxtrand jxtrand Utility classes for XML string resources.
kabstand kabstand Kotlin port of the Abstand package.
lanark lanark Restricted dotted name specification.
laurel laurel Image caption management.
looseleaf looseleaf Minimalist transactional HTTP key/value store.
medrina medrina Role-based mandatory access control.
mime2045 mime2045 RFC 2045 MIME type parsing.
minisite minisite Tiny software project static site generator.
northpike northpike Continuous integration server.
northpike.packaging northpike.packaging Platform-specific packaging for Northpike.
oxicoco oxicoco Embeddable Java IRC server component.
pallene pallene An ultra-minimal single-file static web server.
percentpass percentpass Percent-passing extension for JUnit 5 tests.
primogenitor primogenitor Ancestor POM for io7m projects.
quarrel quarrel Strict, opinionated, typed command-line argument parser.
quixote quixote Tiny embedded web server for unit testing.
repetoir repetoir Service directory.
scando scando Tiny japicmp command-line wrapper.
seltzer seltzer A specification for structured, user-facing error values.
servitor servitor Static podman/systemd service generator.
sigiltron sigiltron Mysterious symbol generator.
smfj smfj Minimalist sequential mesh format.
streamtime streamtime Input/output stream progress tracking.
string-template-maven-plugin string-template-maven-plugin String Template Maven plugin.
sunburst sunburst Asset package system.
tabla tabla Plain text table rendering.
taskrecorder taskrecorder UI task recorder.
tavella tavella Podman Java interface.
timehack6435126 timehack6435126 JVM high-resolution timer bug workaround.
trasco trasco SQL database schema revision system.
usq usq Unsupervised persistent queues.
verdant verdant Binary protocol for HTTP endpoint version announcements.
verona verona Semantic versioning types.
wendover wendover Java NIO channel tools.
xoanon xoanon JUnit 5 JavaFX test harness.
xstructural xstructural XSLT implementation of the structural document language.
zelador zelador JUnit 5 cleaning service.
zeptoblog zeptoblog Tiny, modular, static blog generator.

Popular repositories

  1. jspatial jspatial Public

    Spatial data structures

    Java 16 1

  2. jwheatsheaf jwheatsheaf Public

    JavaFX file chooser

    Java 16

  3. jaccord jaccord Public

    Java library for musical analysis

    Java 7

  4. jtensors jtensors Public

    Vector/matrix math package

    Java 6 1

  5. primogenitor primogenitor Public

    io7m root POM

    Java 5 1

  6. brooklime brooklime Public

    Command-line Nexus Pro interface

    Java 5


Showing 10 of 125 repositories
  • junreachable Public

    Exception types for marking unreachable/unimplemented code

    Java 0 ISC 0 0 1 Updated Jun 17, 2024
  • bishopsgate Public

    JMS → Matrix relay

    Java 0 ISC 0 0 1 Updated Jun 17, 2024
  • cardant_gui Public

    GUI for the Cardant inventory server

    Java 0 ISC 0 0 0 Updated Jun 16, 2024
  • zeptoblog Public

    Tiny static blog generator

    Java 0 ISC 0 3 0 Updated Jun 16, 2024
  • zelador Public

    JUnit 5 cleaning service.

    Java 0 ISC 0 0 0 Updated Jun 16, 2024
  • xstructural Public

    Structural documentation language (XSLT edition)

    XSLT 0 ISC 0 3 0 Updated Jun 16, 2024
  • verona Public

    Semantic versioning types

    Java 0 ISC 0 0 0 Updated Jun 16, 2024
  • wendover Public

    Java NIO channel tools

    Java 0 ISC 1 0 0 Updated Jun 16, 2024
  • verdant Public

    Binary protocol for HTTP endpoint version announcements

    Java 0 ISC 1 0 0 Updated Jun 16, 2024
  • usq Public
    Java 0 0 0 0 Updated Jun 16, 2024

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