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The jeucreader package provides an interface for reading Unicode codepoints one at a time.


  • Unicode codepoint reader interface.
  • High coverage test suite.
  • Written in pure Java 17 with no dependencies.
  • OSGi-ready
  • JPMS-ready
  • ISC license.


For some reason, Java does not expose any interface to read individual Unicode codepoints from any kind of I/O stream. It does provide methods to, for example, read text into a String and then iterate over the codepoints of the String.

The jeucreader package attempts to provide this missing functionality.


Given a r, instantiate a UnicodeCharacterReaderType and use it to read individual codepoints:

Reader r;

try (var u = UnicodeCharacterReader.newReader(r)) {
  int c0 = u.readCodePoint();
  int c1 = u.readCodePoint();
  int c2 = u.readCodePoint();

On consuming malformed text, the reader may raise subtypes of IOException such as InvalidSurrogatePair, MissingLowSurrogate, OrphanLowSurrogate, and etc.