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The quarrel package provides a strict, opinionated command-line argument parser.


  • Strongly-typed access to command-line arguments, for program correctness.
  • Simple and regular command-line parsing for easily understood command-line interfaces.
  • Automatic generation of "help" and "version" commands for command-line interfaces.
  • Detailed, structured, and localized user-facing error messages for clear explanations as to how to use the command-line interfaces correctly.
  • A small, easily auditable codebase with no use of reflection or annotations.
  • An extensive automated test suite with high coverage.
  • Supplies a restricted form of @ syntax, for storing command-line arguments in files.
  • Written in pure Java 21.
  • OSGi-ready.
  • JPMS-ready.
  • ISC license.


See the documentation.