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A trivial command-line wrapper around japicmp.


  • Simple command-line tool for checking jar version changes.
  • Compare jar files for semantic versioning conformance.
  • Compare Android aar files for semantic versioning conformance.
  • Powered by japicmp.
  • High-coverage automated test suite.
  • ISC license.


$ mvn clean verify


Usage: scando [options]
      A file containing a list of package/class exclusions
      Display this help message
  * --htmlReport
      The output file for the HTML report
      Trivially succeed if the old jar is missing.
      Default: false
  * --newJar
      The new jar file
  * --newJarVersion
      The new jar version
  * --oldJarUri
      The old jar/aar file/URI
  * --oldJarVersion
      The old jar version
  * --textReport
      The output file for the plain text report

$ java -jar \
  com.io7m.scando.cmdline-0.0.1-main.jar \
  --oldJarUri \
  --newJar com.io7m.jtensors.core-9.0.0.jar \
  --oldJarVersion 7.1.0 \
  --newJarVersion 7.2.0 \
  --textReport report.txt \
  --htmlReport report.html
INFO: Text report written to report.txt
INFO: HTML report written to report.html
ERROR: Version change between 7.1.0 and 7.2.0 is MINOR, but the changes made to code require a MAJOR version change

$ echo $?

The --excludeListparameter, if specified, gives the path of a file containing one exclude pattern per line. Empty lines, and lines starting with #are ignored. See japicmp for the syntax of exclude patterns.

The --ignoreMissingOld parameter, if specified, allows for ignoring a missing "old" jar. This is useful when, for example, a new module is added to a project.