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  • Token-based invitations for Matrix homeservers.
  • Written in pure Java 17.
  • OSGi ready
  • JPMS ready
  • ISC license
  • High-coverage automated test suite


The portero package only works with the Synapse homeserver at present. Support for other servers is conditional upon them adding a usable API for registering users with public registration disabled.


The portero package is designed to be deployed onto the same server as the Matrix homeserver, behind a reverse proxy such as nginx. It consists of a server process that listens on a public port P and a private port Q. The server presents a friendly user-facing set of pages via P, and an API with which adminstrators are expected to interact via Q.

$ portero server --configuration-file server.conf
INFO com.io7m.portero.server.internal.PServerMain: private server starting on /
INFO com.io7m.portero.server.internal.PServerMain: public server starting on /

The portero server command stays running in the foreground and is designed to execute under a process supervision system such as runit.

Administrators send invite requests to Q, and an invite token is returned to the administrator:

$ portero invite --configuration-file server.conf

The returned URL can then be sent to a user, and the user can visit the provided URL and be taken through a simple web form in order to create an account. The portero server serves the web form on P and therefore needs to be made accessible to the outside world over a secure connection. The portero server then creates an account on the Matrix homeserver using the Synapse-specific Admin API.


Configuration File

# The registration shared secret on the Matrix homeserver.
matrix.adminSharedSecret = aRatherLongSharedSecret

# The URL by which the portero server speaks to the Matrix homeserver.
# It is recommended that the portero server should run on the same
# host as the homeserver, and should speak to the homeserver over localhost.
matrix.adminURL =

# The public URL to which users will be redirected when they successfully
# sign up for an account.
matrix.publicURL =

# The address and port to which the private server will bind.
server.privateAddress =
server.privatePort = 20001

# The address and port to which the public server will bind.
server.publicAddress =
server.publicPort = 20000

# The base URL that will be used in invite requests. The portero public
# server should be accessible to the outside world using this URL.
server.publicURL =

# The title of the Matrix homeserver to be used on invitation pages.
server.title =

# The number of server threads. This is equivalent to the number of users
# that can be served concurrently.
server.threadCount = 4

# The expiry duration for tokens, ISO 8601 duration format.
server.tokenExpiration = PT48H


$ portero

      Set the minimum logging verbosity level.
      Default: info
      Possible Values: [trace, debug, info, warn, error]

  Use the "help" command to examine specific commands:

    $ portero help help.

  Command-line arguments can be placed one per line into a file, and the file
  can be referenced using the @ symbol:

    $ echo help > file.txt
    $ echo help >> file.txt
    $ portero @file.txt

    help        Show detailed help messages for commands.
    invite      Create an invite URL
    server      Start an invite server
    version     Show the application version.



Matrix server registration gatekeeper