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Apr 10, 2018

Adapter Requests

This Place is used to track the status of Requests for new ioBroker-Adapters.

Issues and problems with existing Adapters should be created as issues in the respective Adapter Repository.

How to use this?

  • If you are interested in a new Adater for a new device or functionality then please create a new Issue (see below for information)
  • If an issue is already existing use the "+1"/"Thumbs up" button to also show interest/vote for the topic. If you just created the issue or giving the first vote then you need to use the face-button in the upper right corner of the first post to select the thumbs-up. If already one vote is there you can just click on it to increase the number of votes. thumbsup

Why should I vote for issues?

... because the developers use this as information to see which Adapter is interesting for how many users ... but this is only one reason a developer starts development. So also less voted adapter requests could be done before others. It is still a decision from the developer!

What information should the issue contain?

  • The issue name should clearly contain the device or functionality
  • In the issue description provide all information you was able to collect so far. Please include links to the manufactorer with information, datasheets, developer documentation, API specs
  • If the topic was discussed in ioBroker forum please include the link too.
  • Vote for yourself in the first post of the issue using the "+1"/"Thumbs up" button

How developers should use it?

  • If you want to develop a new Adapter please add your own ideas and adapters here too so that we have transparency (as it was in Trello partly before)
  • Assign the issue to yourself to show that you are working on it and also use the Labels
  • Close the issue when the adapter or functionality is available


This Place is used to track the status of new Adapter-Requests.







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