Template for ioBroker.vis widget set.
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This is template widget set to create your own. Screenshot

You can read instructions in template.js, template.html files

To create your own widget set:

  • download and unpack this packet from github https://github.com/ioBroker/ioBroker.vis-template/archive/master.zip or clone git repository git clone https://github.com/ioBroker/ioBroker.vis-template.git

  • download required npm packets. Write in ioBroker.vis-template directory: npm install

  • set name of this template. Call

    grunt rename --name=mynewname --email=email@mail.com --author="Author Name"

    mynewname must be lower case and with no spaces.

    If grunt is not availible, install grunt globally:

    npm install -g grunt-cli

  • rename directory from ioBroker.vis-template to iobroker.vis-mynewname

  • to use this template you should copy it into iobroker/node_modules directory call iobroker visdebug mynewname to enable debugging and upload widget to "vis". (This works only from V0.7.15 of js-controller)

  • enable debug in vis with iobroker visdebug mynewname

    You can just edit files in /opt/iobroker/node_modules/iobroker.vis-mynewname, but call after every change the iobroker visdebug mynewname Optionally you can edit your files directly in /opt/iobroker/iobroker-data/files/vis/widgets/mynewname.html. But after "vis" restart all changes will be lost.

    You can find debug instructions here: https://github.com/ioBroker/ioBroker/wiki/How-to-debug-vis-and-to-write-own-widget-set

  • create your widgets

  • change version: edit package.json and then call grunt p in your widget directory.

  • make screenshots of your widgets and place it in img/widgets.png

  • share it with community


0.0.1 (2015-06-28)

  • (bluefox) initial checkin


Copyright (c) 2015-2016 @@Author@@ MIT