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HoloViews User Contributions

This repository is designed to allow HoloViews users to share tips, tricks and notebooks as easily as possible.

To browse user submitted content, please visit:

You can also view the static index of available live notebooks directly on GitHub. If you discover any content that isn't working with the latest HoloViews version, please report it here.


To keep things simple, we aim to minimize the necessary curation of user contributions. The scripts and notebooks in this repository are intended to work with the latest version of HoloViews and if we find content that no longer works and that cannot be easily fixed, we will archive it by moving it to the archive subdirectory. For our contribution guidelines, see

To run notebooks live, we are using the generous free service offered by At the time of writing, this is the only free service that we know of capable of running live notebooks, and so you may notice lower performance than if you were to run the notebooks on your own machine. We hope to support other free alternatives as they become available. If you notice that mybinder isn't reflecting the latest state of this repository, please visit and submit to the 'Build a repository' button.