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GCAL: A simple but robust single-population V1 map model. The default
values support the orientation map from:
Jean-Luc R. Stevens, Judith S. Law, Jan Antolik, and James A. Bednar.
Mechanisms for stable, robust, and adaptive development of
orientation maps in the primary visual cortex.
Journal of Neuroscience 33:15747-15766, 2013.
By changing parameters defined in topo.submodel, the same model file
can be used for any other spatial dimension, including ocular
dominance, motion direction, color, etc. There are several ways
to supply such parameter values, such as adding them to the call below,
e.g. "ModelGCAL(cortex_density=24, dims = ['xy','or','od'])".
See help(ModelGCAL) or the source code in topo.submodel.* for the
complete set of parameters supported by this model.
import topo
from topo.submodel.gcal import ModelGCAL
topo.sim.model = ModelGCAL()
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