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@ioan-chera ioan-chera released this Oct 17, 2019 · 4 commits to AutoDoom since this release

1. Completed support for BOOM generalized and Eternity parameterized specials lookup. More complicated setups (voodoo doll constructs and scripts) are unsupported yet.
2. Improved the pathfinding behaviour when rushing to reach a timed lift or door.
3. Smoothed the non-combat movement. Bot no longer tries to recover the path — it was more harmful than good.
4. Improved the map effect analysis for more complex maps: now the bot tries its best to reach the benefits behind timed lifts or doors.
5. Made the shootable linedefs actively sought after by the bot. It may fail sometimes though.
6. User input now pauses the bot temporarily for one second. Useful to take over control when the main bot fails to advance.
7. The "am_drawnodelines 1" console command now shows in the automap, besides the bot map, also the bot's current path and any remote promised subsectors.

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@ioan-chera ioan-chera released this Oct 10, 2019 · 32 commits to AutoDoom since this release

1. Cooperative bots now seek different goals, so they no longer pile up into the same place. This should hopefully reduce the tendency to deadlock.
2. -bots 4 can now be used to turn all 4 players into bots.
3. Hopefully fixed a rare crash.
4. Bot now tries to recover path when out of it. This may make movement feel more jittery however.
5. Improved the non-combat movement pattern. Most notably, the bot will only be in focused strafe-running mode if a lowered lift is ahead, but not passed yet.
6. Advanced with the BOOM support, still not complete.
7. Greatly improved the accuracy of switch mapping. Now the bot figures out the way to the blue door in E2M4.
8. Now the bot will focus on visiting the area behind a temporarily open door or lift. This shall reduce the instances where the bot spins endlessly between switches.
9. Rebranded the UI to AutoDoom, but still use Eternity's logo until I make my own.

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Mar 14, 2017
Jan 19, 2014
Final commit for 3.40.46 "Bifrost"
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